APREN is daily working to become a stronger, more cohesive and sustainable Association with a more diversified scope of intervention. Its increased diversity, representativeness and notoriety are goals that are set each new year, aiming for a greater and better coverage of all renewable technologies, in all the different links of the value chain of the power sector, professions, disciplines and sub-sectors , which are necessary and fundamental to the implementation of renewable power plants, thus enabling APREN to have a greater influence capacity near the main actors from the sector, from State Institutions to the Government itself. These goals for which we daily work, are supported by a principle of continuous
improvement, aiming to turn APREN in the most representative Association within the renewable energy sector in Portugal.

In 2020, APREN represented 91% of the renewable installed capacity in Portugal, covering a wide variety of stakeholders in the Members’ portfolio, most of them promoters, followed by service providers and industrial.

APREN representativity in 2020

APREN Members by activity sector

In 2020, the APREN Member’s portfolio totalled 129 companies from the most varied areas of activity, representing a 50% increase compared to the number recorded in 2018.